This new development project will accommodate 68 apartments with underground parking and 46 student flats. The ground floor is intended for retail spaces. The site marks the transition between the medium-high rise buildings surrounding Rabot Park and the low-rise of the Blaisantvest district. It has therefore been decided to build from 6 to 3 levels towards the residential area.

The retail areas constitute the base of the U-shaped building complex, with the apartments on top. The impact of the base is reduced through the residential units overhanging above the commercial space. There is also room for balconies as a result. Out of the 68 apartments, 13 feature one bedroom, 38 have two bedrooms, and 17 three. Mainly the two-and three bedroom apartments overlook the park.

The City of Ghent encourages cycling and walking, as important activities in the urban environment. This design, too, promotes healthy mobility by affording cyclists and pedestrians access from all sides of the building complex. Cars can enter and leave the inner site area through one side only.


client nv FIMA
site Blaisantvest - Oosteeklostraat - IJzendijkestraat, Ghent
function 114 residential units with underground parking and retail spaces
area car park 5,550 m², residential 9,020 m², retail 2,580 m²
building permit 2011
completion date 2015
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