Texaco Nazareth



The idea was for these two filling stations on the E17 motorway in Nazareth to each form a link between the bustle of traffic and the calm greenery and nature all around. They are therefore designed as a continuation of the green verge flanking the motorway. The green structure is stretched, as it were, over the site, forming a green canopy under which motorists can refuel.

In the Ghent direction, the building of the service station will be surrounded by vast, open green spaces. This will ensure optimal integration in the surroundings. It also highlights the safety and accessibility of the building. Lower plants and grasses at ground level and on the canopy of this site located south of the motorway provide a seamless connection with the surrounding meadows and grasslands.

In the Kortrijk direction, i.e. north of the motorway, it was decided to merge the service station into the surrounding wooded area in an attempt to restore the forest structure. Here, wild and high vegetation types are planned for the canopy.

On each side of the motorway, the big green canopy is supported by the shop and restaurant which are designed as funnels looking onto the green. Even at the fuel pumps, visitors can get a glimpse of the green areas. They can use all the facilities in a green setting, while being shielded from the commotion of passing traffic.


client Delek Belgium bvba
site E17 motorway, Nazareth
function service building at a filling station
area 4000 m²
study 2011
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