Q8 Drongen



These service stations along the E40 motorway in Drongen are located in a valuable natural landscape of agricultural land and open fields. It was sought to merge the use of the service amenities into their environment by way of a sustainable landscape design of both sites.

However, the immediate vicinity of the two sites is prone to flooding. Natural gullies were therefore created at specific locations through variations in the site topography. These collect excess rainwater within the site, thus relieving the environment.

By not placing the buildings on the site to rather incorporate them in a raised green area, the service stations are fully integrated in their surroundings. From the motorway, only a large green structure is visible that sweeps over the fuel pump area, shop and restaurant.

What distinguishes the filling stations is precisely the absence of prominent buildings or billboards, and the highly developed green concept. The special shape of the green canopy provides a visual and acoustic buffer between the motorway and the areas lying further in. Strategically implanted green areas perform the same function or just ensure the right places are visible.


client Kuwait Petroleum (Belgium) nv
site E40 motorway Drongen
function service building at a filling station
area 7,000 m²
study 2011
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