maintenance partners



Maintenance Partners wanted to bring two subsidiary companies together under one roof – Etamo and Definit. Shared office space and warehousing helped reduce investment levels and running costs. The building is mainly used as a workshop for industrial maintenance on rotating machinery.

The usual split of a simple production hall with separate and costly office space was purposely avoided. Warehousing and office space were tackled on an equal footing as part of an overall concept. The space was integrally finished with smooth, naturally coloured concrete panelling and anthracite joinery.

The enormous warehouse with its four production halls was fitted with heavy-duty roller bridges and four rows of continuous roof lighting.

Open-plan offices are located on the first and second floors surrounding a glass atrium. The office layout was kept purposely introvert; only the main meeting rooms are visible through the glass facade to passers-by on the motorway outside. In contrast, the executive offices are located at the rear facing the warehouse.

The materials selected for the exterior walls were extrapolated into the building's interior. Large concrete panelling separates the open-plan offices from meeting and plant rooms. The smooth concrete walls are complemented by polished anthracite-coloured screed flooring.


client Maintenance Partners nv
site Vitshoekstraat 6 (Zwijndrecht)
function Workshop
area Warehouse: 8,200 m² with offices: 2,600 m²
building permit 2005
completion date 2005-2006
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