This urban renewal project involves the renovation and conversion of the monumental, eclectic post office building into the Posthotel. The hotel is situated at the major pivot point of the historical and commercial axis of the city including the Korenmarkt, Pakhuisstraat and Graslei, in the very heart of the city, most visited by tourists. The new function will make the building once again fully accessible to visitors and Ghent residents alike.

Back in 1903, Cloquet and Mortier designed a new landmark monument in the Ghent cityscape. Over a century later, the Posthotel is a prime example of a successful blend between contemporary aesthetics, modern design and historical architecture.

The various levels of the former post office will house a hotel with unique views of the historical city. The hotel will accommodate 36 spacious rooms and suites. At level 1, the layout is grafted onto the original hallway structure of the building. At level 2, the space under the roof, with its original wrought iron trusses, will have a function for the first time.

The bar, lobby and lounge benefit from wonderful natural light through the high windows overlooking the Graslei and St. Michielshelling. The original features of the building, such as stairwells, corridors and ceiling mouldings will serve as a guide for the interior decoration.


client nv Omega Bouw
site Korenmarkt, Ghent
function Hotel
area 2000 m²
building permit 2015
completion date 2017
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