Axxes 51-003



This combination of offices and apartments in a long, bar-like shape does not affect the existing business park. The new offices complete Phase II of the office project, while the apartments constitute the final chapter of the entire AXXES project.

The building will mix together brick walls and pitched roofs with a recessed fourth floor. The projecting sections of the apartments in the front will be clad with imitation wood panels that will lend them a warmer character. This section also contrasts with the rigid materials of the office project.

Residents and visitors will be able to access the 32 apartments through four lift and stair wells. These are mainly two-bedroom apartments with a large balcony. They look out over the belt canal and the pond in turn.

The new underground car park contains mainly places for residents of the apartment and has a separate entrance from the existing underground car park.


client Sirius Promotie nv, Wenzig nv
site Guldensporenpark, Merelbeke
function business park and apartments
area offices 5,000 m², apartments 2,600 m²
building permit 2009
completion date 2013
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