Het Volk is a new residential development project consisting of 146 apartments with underground parking on a 1.2-hectare site. Two residential blocks were constructed in line with the Lousberg Institute and a third on the Forelstraat. On the Ferdinand Lousbergskaai and the Forelstraat side, the development project is characterized by its deep red brickwork. This three-storey shell has been sculpted with various openings. Above this rises a juxtaposition of spaces clad in anthracite grey where penthouses are situated with a panoramic view over the historic city centre. A sense of tranquillity and security prevails in the inner area, where the architecture is characterised by a mixture of integrated terraces and a variety of window openings.

An urban park has been implemented that connects with the landscaped areas behind the Lousberg Institute. The park also binds the various neighbourhoods together and lends the neighbourhood additional space and tranquillity.


client Optima nv
site Lousbergskaai - Forelstraat (Ghent)
function Residential development project
area 15,165 m² + 6,150 m² underground car park
building permit 2002
completion date 2006
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