This residential construction project consists of two buildings, one with twelve single-bedroom units and the other with six classic apartments. The building on the Ferdinand Lousbergskaai is intended for long-term rental accommodation and the building in the inner area for short-term rental accommodation. By removing a dividing wall, the inner area now connects with the adjacent park area. This creates a feel of the building being a type of pavilion.

The outer shell is durable, hard and coarse. Recesses into the building were finished in warmer materials. Optimal integration was sought for the front building in the streetscape while retaining a unique identity. The facade was constructed in classic blue Belgian limestone blending with the neighbourhood. Terraces were finished in a crystalline texture.


client Vankerkhove & Gilson nv
site Ferdinand Lousbergskaai (Ghent)
function Short-term and long-term rental accommodation + six large apartments
area Front building: 616 m², inner area: 648 m²
building permit 2002
completion date 2003-2005
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