riverside garden



Riverside Garden is a residential construction project incorporating a commercial unit and an underground car park for 109 cars, individual storage rooms and bicycle racks. The five-storey, U-shaped building blends with buildings around the St. Annaplein and the Artevelde Garden project. It was constructed using a matchbox effect.

The building has ninety-five apartments with spacious living areas and panoramic terraces looking out over water and the landscaped inner gardens. The apartments' entrances are located in the Apostelhuizen. Spaces were sculpted to form an organic whole that is coherent with the wide variety of buildings in the immediate vicinity. The development gave the neighbourhood a renewed social, economic and spatial impetus.


client nv Koepoortkaai
site Koepoortkaai/Apostelhuizen (Ghent)
function Residential project + underground car park
area 11,015 m² (aboveground) + 4,240 m² (underground)
building permit 2003
completion date 2004-2008
project link http://www.riversidegarden-gent.be/
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