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This residential project, including 7 apartments, 2 studios and a common underground parking garage, is located in the heart of Ghent near Sint-Pieters station. The residents access the building through Smidsestraat. They can enter the underground car park with a car lift from Knokkestraat.

The existing buildings will be demolished, to be later replaced with the apartment block. Three storeys topped by a gable roof ensure integration within the architecture of the neighbouring buildings.

The different modules will be a feature of the façade. On the one hand, these constitute recesses for built-in balconies and entrances. And on the other, they are modules for the windows laid out in accordance with the functions of the spaces behind them. On the roof levels, the incisions are extended to the rafters. The pattern of the sloping roof is thus even more striking.

The building stands out also because it is entirely "wrapped" in zinc lozenge-shaped roof panels. This creates a scaled facade that contrasts with the aluminium windows and façade panels used inside the balconies.


client B2 Projecten bvba
site Smidsestraat - Knokkestraat, Ghent
function residential
area apartments 1,026 m², car park 352 m²
building permit 2008
completion date 2011-2012
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