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The Loop is a large-scale development project situated to the south-west of Ghent between the R4 and the E40, around the trade fair halls of Flanders Expo. This master plan will transform the area into a new, vibrant, and green part of the city, through a mixture of offices, office-type developments, retail, leisure and residential buildings, in addition to the trade fair activities of Flanders Expo.

With TAKE OFF, ECPD is responsible for the development of a large part of the western half of the area: a 1.2 km-long strip. During the first phase plots 01, 05w, 07 and (part of) 12w will be developed. Plots 13 and 17 will follow during the second phase.

Each plot is subject to specific conditions related to the programme to be implemented: the number of floors, parking facilities and green space. These are established in the master plan that was developed for the entire site. The physical positioning of the plot in the development as a whole also plays an important role in this regard.

Within each plot the buildings are designed as part of the whole, in which the distinctive identity is aligned with the cohesion of the site in its entirety. The architectural concept bundles form and functionality.

Walking and cycling paths along green axes connect the various developments, and form a link within a broader network of infrastructure for the vulnerable road user and public transport.

The majority of parking spaces will be managed in a centralised manner, which will ensure optimisation of parking activities and benefit spatial use. There will be ground-level, semi-underground and underground parking space.

Currently completed/under development:
  • Plot 01: Druppelgebouwen / Avian
  • Plot 07: Baltisse / EY / Goldwing / Brantsandpatents


client Mentres
site Flanders Expo - Pégoudlaan - Poortakkerstraat in Ghent
function Urban expansion project with office buildings, multi-family dwellings and buildings for short stays.
area Phase 1
Office-type: 35.750 m²
Offices: 12.500 m²
Multi-family dwellings: 5.000 m²
Short stay: 12.500 m²
Phase 2
Office-type: 24.500 m²
Offices: 3
Short stay: 2.500 m²
building permit As of June 2011
completion date 2020
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