This building belonging to the City of Ghent's Electricity, Gas & Water (EGW) department forms part of a symmetrical three-part complex based on a design by G. Bontinck that was finished only at the end of the last century. The administrative centre was designed by the G+D Studiegroep Dirk Bontinck.

The central, covered gallery with its column supports and sculpted frieze by J. Cantré forms the magnificent entrance to the Koning Albertpark.

The EGW building to the left consists of three parts – a low-rise front building with classical-looking columns that housed the Information Centre, a seven-storey, high-rise building housing administrative and executive offices, and in between these two, a covered terrace connecting to the central colonnade.

The EGW building's colonnades form open galleries and support two terrace balconies. The columns have a reinforced concrete structure supported on Franki piles and are clad in French stone. Glass walls were erected as a wall span made from anodized Dural and suspended from Preflex beams. The ceiling inside the Information Centre is decorated with star signs.

The transition to the EGW project's office areas at the rear is staggered. This main administration building was completed in 1960 in the International Style of architecture. The large office block is intersected at the rear on the first floor by a protruding beam-shaped construction that appears to float in space.

In both sections of the building, extensive use was made of white Carrara and blue Belgian marble, hard Roman tuff and warm-tinted, exotic timbers.


client City of Ghent
site Woodrow Wilsonplein (Ghent)
function EGW Information Centre + offices
building permit 1954
completion date 1955-1957
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