This new building will accommodate different departments of Ghent's CPAS and City Corporation. The bar-shaped new building follows the profile of the adjoining block of workers houses, without connecting to it however. It perforates the city block, which creates an open access to the courtyard area, away from the busy Hundelgemsesteenweg.

The main entrance is characterised by the recessed section of the façade. This creates a larger circulation area for visitors and staff since the footpath is narrow there. The transparent structure of the building's lobby area creates a visual link between the busy street and the park area. This opens onto the reception area from which visitors are channelled to the appropriate services. Smaller entrance doors at the rear offer more private and direct access.

The ground floor will accommodate the kitchen, social restaurant, cafeteria, public areas of the different institutions, and the youth section. Classrooms, hobby rooms, a gymnasium and the Child & Family premises will be located one floor higher. The second floor is intended for the offices of the institutions and the umbrella welfare agency. Access to the various sections is flexible and provides institutions in the building greater freedom in terms of work and opening hours.


client CPAS Ghent
site Hundelgemsesteenweg, Ledeberg
function centre for social services
area 1,600 m²
building permit 2011
completion date 2011-2013
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