This building accommodates offices and a workshop owned by the Zaman Group, thus meeting its current growth needs and future prospects. Since the Zaman Group specializes in heating, cooling, ventilation and building automation, the building has been designed to showcase the technologies offered by the company. In this respect, much consideration was given to energy efficiency. A heat pump with ground probing, solar panels and extensive insulation of the outer shell of the building should ensure E-55 and K-25 rates.

The workshop, warehouse and access to the offices are located on the ground floor. This level forms the base of the building and communicates with the courtyard, creating a logical link to the existing storage spaces on the property.

The open-plan office occupies the glazed first floor which lets in the necessary light. From this level, there is a view on the courtyard and a castle that is listed in the Inventory of Architectural Heritage. The redesigned parking area provides additional places while allowing the magnificent tall trees to stand out fully.


client Zaman Group
site Wondelgemkaai - Pantserschipstraat, Ghent
function offices and workshop
area offices and workshop 1,080 m², car park 2,180 m²
building permit 2010
completion date 2013
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