The existing 1980s office building was extended with new meeting rooms and open-plan office space. The building was built adjacent to the existing building. The connection between the two buildings was achieved using recessed, glass connecting pieces with a lower cornice height. The new building was designed as a black box. Facade panelling and roof cladding are the same colour. This gives the building a monolithic look and feel. Closed facade sections are treated as black surfaces fitting corner-to-corner with one another both vertically and horizontally. New, high-end meeting rooms have been located on the ground-floor level. Upper levels are laid out as open-plan office space. The second floor is situated under a sloping roof and is open to lower-level office areas by virtue of interior glazing. The entire office block is fitted with modern cooling and heating systems in which floors acts as both cold and heat sinks respectively.


client Bofidi Revac
site Kortrijksesteenweg (Sint-Denijs-Westrem)
function Office space
area 1,000 m²
building permit 2002
completion date 2004-2006
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