ghelamco arena



The new Ghelamco Arena along the Ottergemsesteenweg will be a multi-purpose stadium accommodating various football-related areas, office space and commercial units.

It will be easily accessible by virtue of its location at the junction of the R4, E17 and E40 motorways. To the left of the stadium there will be a VIP car park and behind the stadium, there will be a coach park for visitor coaches. There will be a large square in front of and adjacent to the stadium that can be pedestrianized during football matches so that supporters can quickly and easily access the stadium.

The building is primarily designed to be a football stadium. The pitch will form the central feature surrounded by seating for 20,000 fans consisting of 18,300 regular seats, 1,260 business seats, 240 skybox seats and 200 seats for persons with disabilities. The seating areas will be accessible via eight gates that lead out onto the gallery on the second level. An ambiance will be created around the gallery with a combination of food and drink stands, and supporters' restaurants. Supporters will be able to reach the stands from the gallery via vomitoria. Business seating and skyboxes will be reached via a separate VIP entrance to the left of the stadium. A business restaurant, Club 50, and skyboxes, each with a view of the pitch, will be situated on the third and fourth levels. The stands as well as the canopy will fully encompass the stadium 360°. Pitch lighting will be integrated into the canopy.

Commercial units will be located on the ground-floor level for distribution and logistics purposes. Offices belonging to NV Optima will be located on the right-hand side on ground-floor, first, third, fourth and fifth levels. Office space is available for lease on the third floor.

A sunken car park with 1,100 spaces will be built at the Dakar site for vehicles approaching from the Sluisweg during football events. Pedestrians will be directed to aboveground crossings via the underground car park. Two office blocks with floor areas of 10,000 and 14,000 m² respectively, and a retail area covering 13,000 m² (shop and storage space) will be built creating a square where an additional five hundred parking spaces will be laid out principally for retail purposes.


client CVBA Artevelde-stadion
function Football stadium site:
football stadium with cafés, restaurants, logistics, distribution and office space

area Ghelamco Arena site:
net: 43,719 m² | gross: 56,000 m²

Dakar site:
35,000 m² underground car park
13,000 m² retail outlets
10,000 m² office space
14,000 m
building permit Ghelamco Arena site: 2008
Dakar site: 2009
completion date 2011-2013
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