Acerta is a four-storey construction development project consisting of office space and an underground car park. Each floor can be split into two separate, autonomous entities. The 't Rabot offices are named after the adjacent Rabot, a 15th-century lock. The lock's enclosed character and natural stone walls provided a source of inspiration for the front and rear facades' coarse wall surfaces.

Construction materials included architectural concrete facade panelling incorporating coarse granulates and smooth horizontal seams, thermal double glazing, aluminium sunblinds and galvanized steel. The fully glazed side elevations lend the building a high-tech appearance.

The rooms can be laid out flexibly and simply, and have raised computer floors and suspended ceilings. The building has been blended appropriately with its surroundings.

Two underground car-park levels provide spaces for a total of forty-five vehicles. A connection has been planned in Phase 2 to the car park under the park square belonging to the Manchester site's inner area. The top office floor has a fantastic view over the three towers and the Ghent city centre.


client vkw Synergia
site Opgeëistenlaan (Ghent)
function Office space + underground car park
area 3,820 m²
building permit December 2003
completion date 2005-2007
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