gateway terminal



This is a site uniquely located on the grounds of The Brussels Airport Company. The U-shaped building was urgently in need of renovation in order for it to meet requirements concerning EPB, ventilation and acoustic standards for office buildings. The principle behind the renovation was sustainability in terms of both materials used and energy consumption. The facade was fully insulated and heating/ventilation systems rely on geothermal sources. The central square was designed to form a green lung between the buildings. The renovation also aimed to retain as much of the original structure as possible. Existing facades were fully dismantled and new facades were mounted onto the outside of the structure. The new facades are made up of a patchwork of alternating opaque, lacquered and translucent glazing in hidden profiles. The offices have been leased by the floor or by the wing as open-plan offices with flexible layouts. Stairwells, lifts and sanitary facilities are located outside the leased floor areas. These combined elements have been implemented four times on each floor at the end of each wing. The entrance is on Level 3, the same level as airport departures. It has a spacious hallway and central reception desk for all offices.


client The Brussels Airport Company nv
site Renovation of existing office block to meet current rental market requirements
function Office block renovation
area 35,000 m² (net floor area)
study 2007
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