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An office building on field 07 of Take Off. This is the first in a series of 7 or 8 buildings of similar size on this land. The complex over three floors has a footprint of 315 m² and a total gross floor area of 658 m². “Lifting” the building has made it possible to accommodate 15 parking spaces on the ground floor. The architecture involves a beam-shaped volume worked as a steel lattice structure resting on a central base. This creates a striking sculptural shape. The cantilevers reach 11 m and 5.6 m.

The central foot connects the main volume with the ground level and the foundation, and also includes the entrance and the technical room. The foot rises up into the two upper floors, functioning as a vertical circulation area and also offering space for the sanitary facilities, storage, archive room and kitchenette.

The lattice structure made it possible to create an open and flexible plan without columns. On the east and west elevations – the long sides – floor-high windows let the sunlight in. The steel frame creates a strong visual element in the façade because of the transparent construction. It clearly reveals the structure of the building. The side walls are in turn structured by the squares and diagonals of the lattice, while the end façades accentuate the large unstructured span between the two frames using large closed or open surfaces. The south end façade is completely closed, representing a strong boundary. The cladding consists of padauk planks interspersed with anthracite painted aluminum profiles to produce a shadow effect.


client Mentres
site Pauline Van Pottelsberghelaan, 9051 Ghent (The Loop field 07)
function Building for office-like use
area Offices: 658 m²
building permit February 2013
completion date 2013-2014
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