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The 'Partena' office site covers a plot which leads from the Coupure to the Bijloke areas. Along the Coupure Links side, the separation between the numbers 101 and 103 has been reinstated to accommodate the apartments. In the historic building (No. 101) the floors are being restored to their original level. A ground-level dwelling with two one-bedroom apartments on top will be housed there. In the completely stripped No. 103, three two-bedroom apartments will be accommodated, topped by a large three-bedroom duplex.

On the Kluyskensstraat side, there will be seven residential units, ranging from one to three-bedroom apartments, and a large penthouse on the upper level. At the ground level, next to the entrances to the apartments, there will be an office/commercial space with a central patio.

The residential units are designed as open-plan apartments. That also translates in the façade. The outdoor rooms, designed as steel boxes, are exactly in line with the living spaces. This makes the living rooms look bigger outwards. The finish is sumptuous with high quality equipment and materials.

For the most part, the garden level is raised towards the first floor. All apartments therefore overlook the green inner area. The apartments at level one share a terrace that is a linked to this central courtyard. The car park also houses a common bicycle storage area, technical services and individual box rooms. There is a direct passage from the basement to the car and bicycle parking facilities.


client Hoprom nv
site Jozef Kluyskensstraat, Ghent
area office/commercial space, housing, parking • Area: 500 m² for office/commercial space, 2,165 m² for apartments, 2 underground car park levels (43 places)
building permit 2013
completion date 2016
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