This project includes a building for office-like use on field 07 of the Take Off site. The building fits in the series of buildings within this plot which have been completed or are yet to be erected.

A grid formed by eight axes creates the basis of the simple building structure. This results in a ground plan composed of nine squares. The building has three full floors of approximately 320 m², spread over the upper levels +1, +2 and +3.

The structure and the vertical circulation will continue on the ground floor. At this level, most of the space is laid out as an open and covered parking area for nine cars. Bicycle racks will also be installed there.

The three levels above the ground floor are identical in design and are characterised by an open plan layout, which affords great flexibility. Each floor shares a solid core containing the vertical circulation, plumbing, kitchen and storage facilities. There is a clearance height of 2.80 metres. The building is designed in such a way that it can accommodate various users, or can function as a whole for a single user.

The façade of the superstructure is designed as a composition of white precast concrete panels, containing a combination of small and large floor-to-ceiling window apertures. The window openings on the south-east and south-west façade are equipped with motorized metal folding panels with a specific perforation. Most of the technical installations are fitted inside a fenced off area on the roof.


client Mentres
site Pauline Van Pottelsberghelaan, Sint-Denijs Westrem (The Loop, field 07)
function Building for office-like use
area 1,002 m²
building permit 2014
completion date 2016-2017
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