• 1997
    Additional auditorium for the University College CTL Campus in the Voskenslaan (Ghent)
  • 1993
    Finalist in Military Academy competition (Brussels) - in partnership
  • 1985
    Extension to University College CTL Campus (Ghent)
  • 1979
    Sports complex + swimming pool on behalf of the teacher training college (Rijksnormaalschool)
  • 1978
    Construction of an RBS and RMS school community (Aalter)
  • 1976
    Construction of Kleintjesoord Olijfstraat (Ghent)
  • 1975
    Crèche in the Voldersstraat (Ghent)
  • 1975
    School complex: Henry Story Textile Institute on behalf of the City of Ghent
  • 1974
    School campus with crèche, nursery, playground, primary school, secondary school, higher education institute and sports complex in the Afsneelaan (Ghent)
  • 1974
    Extension to the Higher Institute for Chemistry and Food Industries
  • 1971
    New campus with 375 student flats in the Nieuwelaan on behalf of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • 1962
    District nursery schools (Zelzate) on behalf of Wijk Wittouck & Debbautshoek
  • 1961
    Horticultural college + boarding school (Melle)
  • 1961
    District primary school (Zelzate)
  • 1959
    School campus in the Voskenslaan (Ghent) – architect and coordinator
  • 1955
    Primary school, secondary school and grammar school (Zelzate)
  • xxxx
    A. Vermeylen school complex (Ghent) – nursery + playground + primary school (study)
  • xxxx
    New Royal Academy of Fine Arts + Higher Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning + boarding school (Ghent) (study)
  • xxxx
    Teacher training college (Rijksnormaalschool) (study)
  • xxxx
    Teacher training college (Rijksnormaalschool) + boarding school (Sint-Niklaas) (study)
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